We are excited to put a 5 a-side football club together just for women. Do you enjoy playing football? Do you like having fun and meeting new people? Are you looking for a turn up and play club? Are you 16+? Not a fan of the gym but still want to exercise? Then look no further, come and join us!!!

The great news is that there are options for women who want to play regular 11 a-side football, there are plenty of clubs to join and it’s simple. The not so great news is that clubs ask for commitment of your time and sometimes we simply don’t have the time. Maybe you use to play for a club but you can’t afford to give up two nights a week for training and a Sunday to play matches – this is for you.

 These sessions will run indoors at the LC, Swansea

If you would like any further information or you are interested in playing football please email Libby: sport@www.360swansea.co.uk